Inside Scoop 14 Aug 2022

Inside Scoop 14 Aug 2022

What I am focused on: We held our Property Lover’s Workshop on the weekend and we had some of our successful Elite Mentoring students join us to share their deals and strategies. We wanted to look at what was working for them in this market, to obtain their feedback on new software we are investing in for our community, to get their feedback on how we can improve what we do and to hold a general think tank and mastermind session. We called them our “High Achievers”. We all got so much out of the exercise that we want to create a special group that meets regularly. I am putting it all through the sieve and letting it percolate to see how this could look – I really want to keep our best people close, model what they do, take their input on board and try to clone them – my focal point question is “How do we build a High Achiever’s Mastermind group and collaborate together for mutual success?”

What I am reading: “Cues” by Vanessa Van Edwards

I have recently been asking myself what makes someone charismatic? Why do some captivate a room, while others have trouble managing a small meeting? Well, if you have ever been interrupted in meetings, overlooked for career opportunities or had your ideas ignored, your cues may be the problem – and the solution. Cues are the tiny signals we send to others 24/7 through our body language, facial expressions, word choice, and vocal inflection. They have a massive impact on how we, and our ideas, come across. Our cues can either enhance our message or undermine it.

What I am Watching: Terry’s Story with Home Heroes Amazing video of a homeowner one of our awesome Real Estate Rescue Students helped!

We love seeing and hearing stories like these, it reminds us why we do what we do!

What I am studying: Neil Patel on landing pages. Neil Patel is a master at digital marketing, a New York Times bestselling author and a top web influencer. His work is a major inspiration for myself, my team and I am sure many of you.

Now what is a landing page and why am I studying it? The main benefit of landing pages is to keep the user’s attention focused on one goal. They block noise and distractions that might pull users away from what you want them to do. They are important in any business but as a company that connects with audiences over the web I like to make sure we are at the top of our game.

A quote I am reflecting on: 10 Behaviours of high Achievers:

  • They do without obsessing over why.
  • They have no patience for the status quo
  • Their passion and drive inspires others
  • They’re never satisfied with their achievements
  • They live for the challenge
  • They never admit defeat
  • They need to win … desperately
  • They have a chip on their shoulder
  • They are not political players
  • They are not always right but they fail fast and they learn from their errors

What’s coming up: We have a complimentary livestream event this Saturday for those that want to learn how to purchase distressed real estate for little to no money down. For details go

In case you missed it: Another episode of the Property Lovers Podcast was released this week, it is the 4 Golden Rules You Need To Know Before Picking Your Next Investment Area. You can listen to it now on Spotify, Apple, Youtube and via our Website.

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PS: We caught up with Property Lover Lisa recently to discuss her inspirational journey, you can check out the full conversation here.

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