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We empower a community of like-minded property entrepreneurs and investors to execute innovative profitable property deals that grow their wealth.

We do this combining innovative strategies and practical training; along with advanced technology and tools for research and management that simplify, accelerate and de-risk deal making; and most importantly the support and the community that provide valuable experience and insights and support you on your property journey.

This is what makes property lovers unique by combining the training, the technology and the community.

For the last 13 years we have helped thousands of clients grow their wealth through property.

Our mission is to continue to build long-lasting relationships with our clients by fostering a culture of delivering value, continuous learning, leveraging innovative ideas and technology, connecting a powerful community, and a collaborative approach to working as one team.

Property Strategy Programs

Our Property Strategy Programs are designed to combine innovative property strategies with practical training to help you transact profitable property deals, whether that is flipping for profit or buy and hold. All the programs come with advances research technology and support. These programs include.

dpp logo - Property Lovers DISTRESSED PROPERTY

Learn How You Can Find Distressed Property That You Can Potentially Purchase 10% – 40% Below Market Value And Flip For Cashflow From Motivated Vendors For Little to No Money Down

pdp logo - Property Lovers PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT

Learn How You Can Accelerate Your Wealth And Cashflow Through Low-Risk, High-Profit Small Property Developments For Potentially Little To No Money Down

rooming house logo - Property Lovers ROOMING HOUSE

Learn How You Can Find Undervalued Property And Convert Them Into Multi Rental Rooming Houses That Can Yield High Rental Returns And Generate Strong Capital Growth In This Rapidly Growing Field

pbp logo - Property Lovers PROPERTY BUYERS

Learn How You Can Find And Acquire Undervalued Investment Property For Maximum Capital Growth, Rental Yield Or Flipping Using Advanced Research Technology And Support

tiny house logo - Property Lovers TINY HOMES

Learn How You Can Identify Profitable Locations, Design And Build Tiny Homes And Market Them For Maximising Profit In This Rapidly Growing Field

sbp logo - Property Lovers SPLITTER BLOCK

Learn How You Can Find And Acquire Splitter Block and Subdivision Sites and Do Simple Quick Developments For Profit With Potentially Little To None Of Your Own Money

option acuisitions program logo - Property Lovers OPTION AQUISITIONS

Learn How You Can Profit From Property By Using Options Agreements With Potentially Little To None Of Your Own Money And Flip Them For Profit



Soft Skills Programs

Our Property Soft Skills Programs designed to give you the soft skills to support your property ventures. They are grounded, practical and give you the right mindset and skill set to play a bigger game.

negotiation mastery - Property Lovers NEGOTIATIONS MASTERY

Learn How You Can Develop Advanced Negotiations Skills Based On Harvard Business School Negotiations Model In This Comprehensive Online Program.

goal setting - Property Lovers GOAL SETTING

Learn How To Set Effective Goals By Identifying, Planning and Executing Goals That Will Have The Biggest Impact On Your Life.

mental toughness - Property Lovers MENTAL TOUGHNESS

Learn How To Develop Grit And Mental Toughness To Help You Overcome Challenging Situations That You Face.


Learn How You Can Make Smatter Faster Decisions That Will Move You Towards Your Goals Far Quicker.


Learn Alternate Practical Options On How To Manage Debts Including Negotiating With Creditors And Reducing The Amounts Owing. An Essential Program For Those Struggling Financially.


Learn From Body Language, Sales And Influence Expert, Alan Pease. In This Exclusive 10 Module Program. Alan Will Discuss How To Effectively Communicate And Influence Prospects Into Sales In This Exclusive Program.


Property Business Training

Our Property Business Programs are for a select few who are serious about doing property deals as a business, whether that is a few hundred thousand to millions in a year. You work closely alongside the Property Lovers Team and our high-end community members in a “done with you” mentoring program called Elite Mentoring. It includes access to all of the Property Strategy Programs and Soft skills Training as well as advanced technology and high support, with guaranteed outcomes.

This is by application only for serious action takers.

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Our Core Values

The success of any organisation is the foundation of its business, and foundations are built on core values that drive success. At Property Lovers, we have four core values that will shape and build our culture, our brand, and our business strategies. These are the four core values that we will champion and live by:

Be accountable, proactive, be a problem solver

You embrace uncertainty and take responsibility to source the solution. Seek to Understand.

Stay focused and committed

We set the highest standards and model excellence in everything we do. We understand that great work will require a quick start and then dedication to execute.

Champion the Customer

The cornerstone of our success is the value that we deliver to our clients. We focus on experiences.

Deliver Value for all experiences

It is about constantly and consistently focusing on delivering value. Educating and empowering our clients. Delivering value should permeate everything we do from the macro to the micro

Embrace innovation, be creative and courageous

Challenge the status quo, think differently and constantly look at ways to innovate and improve, even if they are perceived as great. There is always greater.

Be adaptable, be flexible, embrace growth

Constant and never ending journey of improvement. Be open to feedback and a different way of thinking and acting. Encourage change for the good.

One Team, be respectful and transparent

As a team, we have each other’s backs. To the outside world, we are a united front. We consider our peers before we take action

Have fun, trust and be humble

Trust in our people. We are not afraid to admit our mistakes and work as a team to resolve them. Remember to enjoy and celebrate the wins!

Our Community is Growing

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Learn How You Can Find Distressed Property That You Can Potentially Purchase 10% — 40% Below Market Value From Motivated Vendors For Little to No Money Down

Some Of Our Students Have Made Six Figures On Their FIRST Property Deal, With No Prior Experience, And Little To No Money. Learn To Build Additional Income Today!


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