Inside Scoop 44 / 3rd September

Inside Scoop 44 / 3rd September

Dom here, back with another Inside Scoop to let you know what has been on my mind this past week. 

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Till next week, 


What I have been up to: Sweeney Todd, yes it’s real!I went to a performance of “Sweeney Todd” at The Opera House, and guess what? It’s a real thing. Who’d have thought? That piece I thought was a made up joke in an episode of the Office turned out to be a Tony award winning musical based on a penny dreadful gothic story about a barber who kills his victims and bakes them in pies – and – as if that plot wasn’t bad enough, imagine it set to musical numbers chanting about “the demon barber of Fleet Street” . But – on a glass half full note – not all was lost. It was a spectacular sunny day, the iconic opera house aet against bluer than blue water and sky. It’s those shiny, happy moments that make you glad to be alive, even if the entertainment was, well, less than thrilling and my teenage daughter was ever so slightly annoying and self-centred. Life’s all about balance isn’t it?

What I have been cooking up:The $100K Before Christmas Mission. This meticulously planned “$100K Before Xmas” campaign. With military precision, I’m leading an exclusive effort focused on my mentees. We’re in the trenches, building strategic funnels to generate 100 property leads each week. It’s a fast-paced, high-energy numbers game that requires dedication and strategy. Together, we’re chasing our ambitious individual goal, fuelled by a bit of healthy rivalry and gamification!

What I have been reading into: Another Nordic Noir, ‘The Knife’. Here I go again, I’m into yet another Scandi crime novel – “The Knife” by Jo Nesbo. This one’s got me hooked, as usual. It’s like a guilty pleasure I can’t resist. I actually googled why I like crime novels and detective stories so much (thought there may be something wrong with me I may need to have treated). Turns out I am not alone – crime novels account for between 25-40% of all book sales! It’s not just about the crime, apparently – it’s the ultimate storytelling masterclass. It concerns our human need to link cause with effect, have motives dissected, and a need for resolution and truth. It’s like solving puzzles while diving into the human psyche. No wonder it’s such  a crowd-pleaser – which gives me social proof and a comfort level to talk openly about my strange addiction!

What I have been reflecting on:Embracing Change and Learning. Lately, I’ve found myself reflecting on the perils of clinging to the status quo. A powerful quote by Eric Hoffer which one of our EM’s reminded me of recently struck a chord with me: “In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” So, let’s lean into continuous learning and adaptability. Green and growing or brown and rotting, the choice is ours. Keep hustling, keep learning, and for the love of all things entertaining, stay curious!

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