Inside Scoop 41 / 20th August

Inside Scoop 41 / 20th  August

Dom here, back with another Inside Scoop to let you know what has been on my mind this past week. 

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Till next week, 


What I have been doing: Trying to be a prophet in my own backyard. Spoiler alert: it’s not going so well. Apparently, my children know everything! Me? I’m just a huge embarrassment – not even sure how I made it this far in life! Which got me thinking – the problem is not them – it’s actually me. Why do I have expectations about what others “should” do? At the end of the day as Stefan Zweig once said “People and events don’t disappoint us. Our models of reality do”. I’ve decided to just let go of the tyranny of “shoulds” and all my rigid expectations about things outside my control and just go with the flow. Well, that’s the plan!

What I have been thinking about: I’ve been mulling over the concept of swimming upstream. You know, like salmon. I get that there’s something noble about fighting the odds and persisting regardless of the obstacles – all for a greater cause. But then again, salmon have it rough. If they aren’t eaten by a bear on their gruelling journey, they go through all that agony, and once they spawn, they self-destruct in the most dramatic way. And let’s remember, we are not salmon! We can choose to stop swimming. Much of my life experience to date has led me to believe in the idea that the Universe sends us difficulties not to annoy us, but to guide us to what is ultimately in our best interest. Sometimes you need to trust in the current – not constantly swim against it.

What I have been reading: I’ve been flipping through this book about “going with the flow.” It seemed fitting. It’s called “The Art of Not Trying” by Edward Slingerland. It delves into ancient Chinese philosophy, and how sometimes, the best way to achieve things is by…well, not actively trying. Kind of like my approach to dieting. 

What I have been willing to torture myself with: A 3-day karmic juice cleanse. Why? For a mindset reboot. Sometimes radical change is easier and I had to break a toxic routine once and for all – just rip off the bandaid. I’ve tried it before but quit from weakness and headaches (caffeine withdrawal apparently) after day 2 – what a wuss! So, anyway, it was my Waterloo – and I made it! I’m now back on my Miracle Morning routine – 5 :30 – 6:30 am daily (read the book by Hal Elrod if you haven’t already)

P.S. Always remember, whether it’s a juice cleanse or new morning routine, to do what feels right for you! And think twice about taking life advice from fish. 

PS: We released a new podcast this week, it is a deep dive into The World Of Distressed Property. You can listen to them all now on Apple, Spotify, Youtube, our Website or wherever you find your podcasts, you don’t want to miss it.

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