Inside Scoop 39 / 6th August

Inside Scoop 39 / 6th August

Dom here, back with another Inside Scoop to let you know what has been on my mind this past week. 

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What I have been doing: At the risk of being boring, I’ve been cooking some more – getting to know my Thermomix better and I gotta say that every single dish has been a winner! From the Moroccan Tagine to the Vietnamese Bánh xèo – don’t mean to boast but seriously – it’s like I can’t put a foot wrong!

What I have been reading: Richard Harris’s ‘The Art of Risk’. The Thai cave diver and anesthetist’s story is so compelling. Although he was awarded a bravery medal, this humble Adelaide specialist asserts that it wasn’t really courage because he wasn’t scared. Cave do I g was something he loved doing. Taken from a podcast he started during Covid lockdowns, the book covers Harris’s interviews with people who regularly take what most of us would regard as extraordinary, unwarranted risks and the mindset and DNA required to do this.

What I have been thinking about: This story has got me reflecting on bravery and resilience. It’s our courage is really a function of experience and grit. Our past hardships and scars make us stronger, much like metal which is malleable yet strong, forged in the fires of trials – an analogy Harris alludes to when discussing the medieval term of ‘testing one’s mettle’.

What I have been thinking about: Courage can also be a product of our frame of the world and our beliefs. Harris described how he had initially wanted the bigger, stronger boys to be rescued first. Yet the boys, who had been trapped in an oxygen-starved cave for 2 weeks, already had the rescue order sorted having decided amongst themselves that those who lived furthest should leave first. It seems they believed they would be just riding their bikes home, oblivious to the anxious eyes of the whole world awaiting their emergence.

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