Inside Scoop 32 / 18th June

Inside Scoop 32 / 18th June

Dom here, back with another Inside Scoop to let you know what has been on my mind this past week.

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What I have been watching: I watched “Invictus” – an old classic directed by Clint Eastwood, but one I never watched, thinking it was purely a rugby movie. It stars Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon and is all about how Nelson Mandela, as South Africa’s new President, uses rugby to try and heal a country still hurting from apartheid. What resonated with me most was how the poem “Invictus” threads through the whole movie. Mandela was in prison for 27 long years, and this poem, especially its final lines, “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul,” that keep him going. These lines basically celebrate self-determination, reminding us that we’re the ones who get to make the big calls about our destiny. Pretty powerful stuff! Mandela channels this mantra into transforming the Springboks, the national rugby team, from a symbol of division into a beacon of unity.

What I have been doing: I popped over to Archie Rose last weekend, a fantastic gin distillery tucked away in Rosebery’s old cannery. The place is a marvel of urban rejuvenation, transforming a once purely industrial zone into a vibrant and trendy hotspot. The distillery itself is a work of art – a nod to the building’s past while embracing its modern makeover. It’s not just a distillery, but also a lively bar where connoisseurs and curious wanderers alike mingle over expertly crafted cocktails. It’s a testament to how a once overlooked area can be reimagined, gentrified, and turned into a happening place.

What I have been reading: The latest Harry Hole novel by Jo Nesbo, “Killing Moon,” I love my Scandi crime! I kind of lost interest for a while when Harry, the brilliant but flawed detective, cleaned up his act and settled down with his longtime love. But now she’s gone, and Harry’s back on the sauce. Strangely, his fall from grace has pulled me right back into his story. It’s curious, isn’t it, how we’re drawn to these flawed, complicated characters more than the ones who have it all figured out? There’s just something about a good old fashioned trainwreck that’s so hard to look away from. The ‘happily ever after’ just isn’t as compelling!

What I have been eating: Went to Homebush on a morning errand, where we found this little Sri Lankan hole-in-the-wall place and wound up eating curry and roti on the street for breakfast. I feel very grateful to live in Australia with our cultural melting pot. The variety of flavours and cuisines at our fingertips is a testament to the multicultural tapestry that makes up this incredible country. Food, to me, is more than just tastiness —it’s an expression of culture, tradition, and community.

PS: We released a new podcast this week, it is all PROPERTY STYLING and features Property Lovers Expert on this subject Steven! You can listen to them all now on Apple, Spotify, Youtube, our Website or wherever you find your podcasts, you don’t want to miss it.

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