Inside Scoop 30 / 28th May

Inside Scoop 30 / 28th May

Dom here, back with another Inside Scoop to let you know what has been on my mind this past week.

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What I have been reading: “It’s Not About the Shark” by David Niven. This book takes a unique approach to problem-solving. Instead of fixating on the obvious problem (the shark), Niven advocates digging deeper to uncover the underlying issues. Through a mix of storytelling and practical advice, “It’s Not About the Shark” (inspired by the problem of the fake shark in the movie “Jaws” not being scary enough which was solved by the music building anticipation) will equip you to find creative solutions that address the root causes. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to tackle challenges head-on with a fresh perspective (I solved a major problem I was racking by chapter three!

What I have been doing: Gearing up for our 4 city Property Mavericks Live tour next month. After a year of virtual interactions, I’m pretty pumped about finally meeting our community face to face up close and personal once again. It’s been too long!

What I have been thinking about: I love stoic philosophy and have been striving to cultivate non-attachment in spite of the vicissitudes of life. As Rudyard Kipling wrote, “If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters just the same,”. By not becoming overly attached to external outcomes, we develop resilience – understanding that external events do not define our true worth or happiness.

What I have been watching: Great news for fans of Mark Manson’s “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fck”! The book has been adapted into a thought-provoking film. With a faithful portrayal of the book’s core message, the film delivers. It reminded me to focus on what really matters. Enlightening.

PS: We released so many great new podcasts recently from Deposit Bonds to Government Grants and everything in between. You can listen to it on Apple, Spotify, Youtube, our Website or wherever you find your podcasts, you don’t want to miss it.

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