Inside Scoop 28 / 14th May

Inside Scoop 28 / 14th May

Dom here, back with another Inside Scoop to let you know what has been on my mind this past week.

Just a quick heads up – we have a special 5 Day Rooming House Challenge  starting this week.   This is my big claim “Give Me 5 Short Days, And We Will Show You The Exact “Step By Step” Method To Find And Flip Properties For Cash Profits In The Current Market For Little To No Money Down. PLUS Get Instant Access to NEW AI “Property Research” Software When You Show Up To The Training”.

It’s free to join if you want to check it out.   Click here for the details. 

Till next week,


What I have been doing: Settling in for a long winter … seems it started early this year! There’s a silver lining though – glühwein and fire pits. Plus I made gnudi for dinner last night which is like gnocchi but made with ricotta. Nice comfort food when it’s cold outside.

28 14may thum - Property Lovers

What I have been studying: “Rewired” – a documentary series with Dr Joe Dispenza where he talks us through neuroscience and the power of our thoughts to change our actions and ultimately our lives. It isn’t an easy watch. But great content. I kept pausing to take notes. It’s stuff I already knew but knowing and doing are two different things so it was good to revisit and look at it through a different lens.

What I have been watching: A movie called Stillwater with Matt Damon on Foxtel and it was pretty intense! The story follows a roughneck from Oklahoma who travels to France to visit his daughter who’s been jailed for a murder she claims she didn’t commit. I was on the edge of my seat with all the twists and turns. Matt Damon’s acting was spot-on as always, and the supporting cast was great too. The only thing I’d say is that the movie is quite heavy, so it’s not for the faint-hearted. But overall, if you’re looking for a thrilling drama to watch, I’d definitely recommend Stillwater!

What I have been focused on: I’ve been busy lately creating some awesome challenges for our property lovers community! Instead of just talking at people, I’ve been giving them the software and tools they need to actually get things done. We kicked off May with a rooming house challenge, where we helped people find, analyze and manage properties that could be converted into a rooming house. Then we followed it up with a distressed property challenge, where we taught our community how to find and purchase distressed properties for a steal. And next week, we’re going to tackle the property development challenge! It’s been amazing to see our community members getting incredible deals within just five days of joining the challenge. It’s so satisfying for me to see people achieving their goals and building their wealth through property!

PS: We released a new podcast episode, it is A Deposit Bonds Crash Course With Deposit Assure. You can listen to it on Apple, Spotify, Youtube, our Website or wherever you find your podcasts, you don’t want to miss it.

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