Inside Scoop 14

Inside Scoop 14

What I Have Been Working On: Applying “the one minute rule” to streamline and organise my life this year. I stumbled across this rule in an article by Gretchen Rubin (author of “The Four Tendencies”). It is based on a concept known as the Zeigarnik effect which explains that our brains are wired to nag us about outstanding things – like a calendar reminder – so that uncompleted tasks keep popping back into our consciousness and following us around – leading to uneasy feelings and overwhelm. The one minute rule turns off this alarm by knocking all the stuff off your list that you can do in under a minute – even if it is just diarising it or making a to do list. The reminders will only stop when you close out tasks by scheduling or completing them.

What I Have Been Reading: “Debt: The First 5,000 Years” by David Graeber, an anthropologist who explores the historical relationship of the concept of debt with social institutions such as barter, friendship, marriage, slavery, the rule of law, religion, government and war, reinforcing what I have long believed – the author’s main premise is that debt DOES NOT “have” to be repaid, contrary to popular indoctrination. In fact it is actually a two way street when it comes to risk. The loss will always lie ultimately where it falls.

What I Have Been Watching: “Banshees of Inisherin.” We saw this at the cinema. It is an Irish film directed by Martin McDonagh. One of those arty films that leaves you scratching your head coming out of the cinema but then you can’t stop thinking about it afterwards. Also had lovely cinematography and beautiful Irish scenery. To me the theme was about how we often cut our nose to spite our face and self sabotage.

What I Have Been Doing: Grieving. We have been mourning the loss of our beloved Doug the pug. He was our everything and died very suddenly without warning last week. We didn’t even get to say goodbye. He was the love of our lives and gave us so much joy. We are absolutely heartbroken but so grateful for all you gave us for the short time we were blessed to spend with you. You are missed so terribly. scoop 14 thum - Property Lovers

Rest In Peace our darling boy

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