Inside Scoop 13

Inside Scoop 13

What I have been watching: The latest season of CB Strike. I like my detective stories and I love nothing more than a great BBC series based on my favourite crime novels. CB Strike is a private detective made famous in Robert Galbraith’s crime novels – although Galbraith is actually JK Rowling writing under a pseudonym. Anyway, I love this time of year because all the good new stuff comes out and, as not much else is happening, I can have a bit of a guilt-free binge!

What I have been doing: Binging – now I wish I could say that it was strictly limited to trashy TV and thriller fiction but unfortunately, I went over the top in respect of a lot of other things in the last few weeks – no sense in doing things by halves: I’m talking eating, drinking and spending money on things I don’t need – to name just a few of the vices I have been over-indulging in!

What I have been loving: Binging! Sorry but not sorry. I love the holiday period because I take a guilt-free leave pass and do whatever I want!

What I have been thinking about: Stopping the bad behaviour and getting back into a healthy routine. I am not big on New Year’s resolutions and “reforming” as if the year before was a failure. I always go hard in a series of sprints and rests throughout the calendar year. By the time the end of the year comes around it is like finishing a marathon and I figure that’s my time to cut loose for a bit – “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful” Mae West

What I have been working on: – Having said all that, one good thing that comes out of my self-indulgence this time of year is that I have thinking time and planning time. I reflect on the year that was and I decide what I want from the year ahead and my creative juices really start flowing. This year it’s REALLY BIG and I’m pretty pumped about it. If you missed my big news earlier in the week check it out HERE – there’s something in it for you too. 2023 could be huge for both of us .

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