Inside Scoop 11

Inside Scoop 11

What I Have Been Focused On: The evolution and growth of our software platform “Fast Property”. So much amazing community feedback about this new Proptech and an excellent development team, combined with you as a community sharing all your ideas, needs and “wish lists” has meant ‘constant and never ending improvement’ (CANI) with this next level tool. Deming would be proud!

What I Have Been Reading: The new Michael Connelley novel. Okay, it’s not the height of sophistication, I know, but I have always been a massive fan of crime novels. I’ve read every single Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller plot for the last 30 plus years! I literally wait for the next one to be released and they never disappoint. I hate finishing them because I feel like I’ve lost an old friend and I know he won’t write another one till next Christmas.

What I Have Been Watching: Until The White Lotus (Season 2 – set in Sicily). We had a little urban tragedy this week. Our beautiful cat – Missy – aged 18, who grew up with the kids, lived in about 20 different houses with us from Reno to Reno, passed away peacefully. We were patting her and watching The White Lotus when she took her last breath and we were all just devastated. Not sure if I can finish the show now – too sad! RIP Missy

What I Have Been Studying: Jim Rickards’ scary predictions and reasonings. You may have caught our Recession Success Livestream where Jim spoke about the complex connections between global financial markets, economic, supply chain and geo-political issues? It’s a little dire and I would like nothing better than to write it all off as hysterical doomsday prepping if only he hadn’t foreseen other historical cataclysmic events and he wasn’t so damn credentialled and compelling!

What’s Coming Up – We have a free livestream event next week for those that want to learn how to protect their assets and make sure their succession planning is in order in these uncertain times. You can grab all the details and register here.

Thoughts, suggestions, feedback?

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PS: We released a new podcast episode this week, it is a breakdown of what you need to know about buying and selling property during the festive season. You can listen to it on Apple, Spotify, Youtube, our Website or wherever you find your podcasts, you don’t want to miss it.

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