Inside Scoop 10

Inside Scoop 10

What I Have Been Focused On: The White Lotus on FOXTEL – I know what you’re thinking but I just wanted to chill out and not have to think. Haven’t got to season 2 yet and had to Google the ending of season one to really understand it – but turns out it’s quite deep – the writer is commenting on imperialism, class division, wealth and privilege. So, basically, it’s like a modern-day Charles Dickens novel (albeit set in Hawaii)! Which I think is a cut above binge-watching trashy TV. It’s educational and thought-provoking – let’s go with that anyway!

What I Have Been Reading: “Strategy Rules” by David B Yoffie. Explores the leadership styles and strategic approaches to business adopted by 3 tech giant CEOs – Steve Jobs, Andy Grove (who headed up Intel and who I really love A he wrote “Only the Paranoid Survive” – a great business book) and Bill Gates. I love reading g about great business minds – as if I can soak up their skillset. When I have challenges I channel these “mentors” as part of my “Board of Advisors” – I will ask “If Andy Grove were here what would he do?”

What I Have Been Watching: Live stand-up comedy at “The Comedy Store” at Fox Studios. I saw a set of 8 comedians. They give you a $20 drink voucher with your ticket, which I think is to make you drunk so you find stuff funnier. They were a mixed bag – some really funny – their timing and delivery were perfect. A real skill. Others were funny with their accents and gestures and some were just gratuitous. There were jokes which had all the millennials howling in the aisles and I didn’t get it – had to Google some of the terms and words – which made me blush – I’m a bit out of touch it seems

What I Have Been Studying: still French on my Duolingo App. I just do 10 minutes a day. They encourage you not to “break the chain” and to make it a daily habit. They prompt me on my phone to do a lesson and it is less than 10 minutes. Encouraging to know that you can achieve a goal in daily increments of just ten minutes!

What’s Coming Up – We have a special announcement. We will be running a livestream with event with thought leader, author, lawyer, economist, investment banker and government advisor Jim Rickards You can grab all the details and register here.

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