Hosted by Dominique Grubisa | 30.11.2022 Podcast Episode #40

In Conversation With James Rickards | Part 1 | #40

James Rickards is a former Pentagon advisor, economist and investment banker who predicted the worst economic crisis in US history.

He has also taught millions of people how to navigate and thrive during challenging times through best selling books. And right now, it’s more important than ever for investors & business owners to be prepared to get ahead of the forthcoming collapse of epic proportions.

But whether we sink or swim depends on how prepared we are

And what we do now to protect ourselves from the fallout of the impending collapse and that is exactly what we’re talking about in this episode of The Property Lovers Podcast.

This wide reaching conversation is 3 parts so stay tuned for more to come.

Get ready to find out:

  • The US Federal Reserve and the RBA have effectively said they will bring on a recession in the next month or two by committing to arrest inflation at any cost – “whatever it takes” – and to keep lifting rates until this happens
  • The problem is that inflation right now is not “demand pull” inflation like in the 1980’s – the last time we had runaway prices this bad. This time it’s “cost push” inflation – caused by lack of supply due to a pandemic and a war. Charging us higher rates is only going to send us all broke!
  • China is already in a recession but they’re not telling us- their property market has collapsed, they have a dictator at the helm who has extended his term unilaterally and they have a massive demographic crisis affecting productivity and economic growth due to an aging population
  • We are about to experience a massive global liquidity crisis like nothing we have ever seen before as a panic coincides with a meltdown, a collapse and a recession – there is an imbalance in our financial system of a quadrillion dollars worth of derivatives – which equals one thousand trillion dollars – and it needs to be addressed but no one has any answers.

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