Hosted by Dominique Grubisa | 05.10.2022 Podcast Episode #32

How I Built My Property Empire And How You Can Too | #32

Today’s podcast episode is a special one. I breakdown how I built my very own property empire. Having worked in the law for over 27 years, 20 of those as a barrister, specialising in debt and property law. I am a property investor and developer, mother of three and founder of the DG Institute. As an avid investor I have bought and sold multi-million dollars’ worth of property over the years, but it wasn’t always that way.

I believe that each and everyone one of us has the right and the potential to choose our own financial future… to be in control. I am committed with heart and soul to spreading that message… and that’s the reason why I want to share with you how I built my empire and how you can too.

Get ready to find out:

  • How I went from broke to financial freedom
  • Why you shouldn’t focus on the ‘one’ deal
  • My magic number for open homes
  • Why having a plan is so important and how to create one
  • My criteria list for my investment opportunities
  • What a property funnel is and how to set one
  • Why it is the perfect time to invest and what I would do in this current market
  • How to know your end buyer and defining your ‘success’
  • Why you need to focus on what you can control
  • Why emotion isn’t your friend in the property game

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