Hosted by Dominique Grubisa | 23.06.2023 Podcast Episode #62

The current state of The Australian Property Market | Property Lovers Podcast | #62

Although we don’t usually look at the state of the market because it is rapidly changing, there was a significant shift just this week. Spoiler alert it is probably not what you think, but it is stuff you need to know.

We have hit a funny calm before a storm, but if you look at most states’ data, you can see that auction rates are high, and property prices are increasing. Is that an indication that we are out of the woods?

We answer just that and more in this week’s episode of The Property Lovers Podcast.

Get ready to find out:

  • What is driving the market?
  • What is the supply and demand balance right now?
  • How the history of the Australian property market is driving what happens right now.
  • How we can use the current data to inform your investment choices.
  • Are there more rate rises to come?
  • How property developers, renovators, flippers and investors can benefit from the current market.

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