Hosted by Dominique Grubisa | 14.03.2022 Podcast Episode #6

How To Play The Property Game | #6

Have you ever wondered what it’s like starting your property journey from nothing?

Well, in Episode 6 of The Property Lovers Podcast, we spoke with Real Estate Rescue Graduates, Greg and Karine, who did exactly that.

Now, they make over 6 figures a year from full time property investing

Greg and Karine are two everyday people, just like you. They wanted to achieve financial independence, they wanted to secure their financial future, and they wanted to live life on their terms, especially into their retirement.

But they’re different from most people in one key way, they turned their intentions into reality by leaving the corporate world behind and starting their property journey.

So, how did they do it and what did it take?

That’s what we’re talking about in this episode of The Property Lovers Podcast.

We delve into:

  • The types of under market value deals that worked best for Greg and Karine and how they were structured for maximum potential profits.
  • The importance of connecting with your big WHY..
  • The tactics Greg and Karine used to structure win-win deals – for both them and the vendor.
  • Why tenacity is the most vital weapon in your arsenal and how to find it.
  • How to improve self talk and deal with the mental blocks and challenges.
  • How to be in the right place at the right time.

It’s live now in all good places for a listen.

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