Consumer Protection Policy

Property Lovers provides consumer protection as part of its provision and delivery of quality training and assessment products and services. This is part of our obligation as a Training Organisation to ensure that the rights of our clients, stakeholders, and customers are protected and they are fully informed with clear accurate information.

We comply with the relevant Commonwealth and State Legislation and regulations to ensure consumer protection, including but not limited to the following:

  • Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998
  • Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009
  • Australian Consumer Law 2011

We implement the following internal policies and procedures to ensure appropriate consumer protection:

  • Complaints and Appeals Process
  • Harassment policy 
  • Student Discipline Policy
  • Fees & Refunds
  • Privacy Policy
  • Assessment Policy and Guidelines
  • Continuous Improvement Policy

We provide accurate information to clients about rights and responsibilities by means of the Client Handbook.

We also provide information through various means such as marketing flyers, service proposals and agreements, confirmation correspondence, order form documentation. Information that protects the consumer rights of our clients and students includes:

  • an accessible complaints procedure
  • an accessible assessment appeal procedure
  • an accessible fees and refunds policy
  • an accessible privacy policy

The Client Services Manager is the nominated person who manages any consumer related enquiry.
Please contact the Client Services Manager for any assistance or to access support services whilst undertaking training and assessment.

If consumer or client issues cannot be resolved by both parties in a timely mutually satisfactory manner, there is an option to seek assistance or a review from a range of independent organisations such as:

  • Community Justice Centres (Ph:1800 990 777)
  • NSW Ombudsman (Ph:02 9286 1000)
  • NSW Fair Trading (Ph:13 32 20)

Please Note: this information is for guidance purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for formal legal advice to gain independent advice.

Clients and other stakeholders will be provided with any information in a timely manner about any change in service arrangements or provision, licencing or regulatory requirements that is likely to affect them. This may be done by individual written correspondence such as letters or emails or posting of general information on Property Lovers websites.

Endorsed by: Continuous Improvement and Management Committee

Date approved: May 2023

Review Date: May 2023

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