Fast Tracker Professional Toolkit

This is an exclusive 12-months subscription for property professionals who want to supercharge their results from property deals by utilising the most sophisticated property tools, research software and property artificial intelligence platforms available in Australia.

What Is Included In The Fast Tracker Program?


12 Months’ Access to FastProperty Software Platform
(Value $18,000)

12 Month’s access to our world-first artificial intelligence software FastProperty. This is the first of its kind in the world and represents revolutionary change with the ability to quickly identify profitable property sites, run feasibilities and generate dozens of architectural concept designs. This exclusive cutting edge technology includes access to past property sales, current property valuations, Local Council Zoning Data and much more.

12 Months’ Access to National Property Data Software
(Value $6,000)

12 Months’ access to our a powerful research tool for determining properties values.

Technical Email Support
(Value $2,000)

Up to 12 Months’ technical email support for your deals

That Is Over $26,000 Worth Of Value

Best for Individual

One Full Payment of $10,000


12 Monthly Payments of $1,000

(Total – $12,000)